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I have a good news for you. My name is Mrs Adaramola Chinenye. I want to share with you my testimony in few lines. 

Fertility Boost Therapy was my rescue and I am expecting my third child. 

After Colbert and I got married, it did not take time for us to have our first child. After our first child, we decided I was going to give a gap of at least three years before having another child since I am a businesswoman who is always traveling. In between shuttling in and out of the country, I nurtured my son and watched him gradually but steadily growing up. 22 months after the birth of my son, I missed my monthly period and thought I was pregnant but after a pregnancy test result showed otherwise. The same thing happened the next month and that was when I knew there was problem.

I went to a specialist hospital in the company of my husband. Some tests were carried out and when I went back on the scheduled day for the test result, it showed that I was suffering from amenorrhea (absent period). It was the type of news that was difficult to digest and I saw my dreams of having a large family diminishing right before my eyes. The specialist advised I opt for fertility treatment which I agreed to immediately.

After several treatments that spanned over five years without any visible result, I was not just disappointed but despaired. A friend of mine who is living in Port Harcourt then told me about Fertility Boost Therapy. She said the products have helped her and a lot of women who had infertility issues and suggested I tried it. I did and I saw my period the same month for the first time in five years and 2 months after, I conceived my long awaited second child.

I notice the fertility boost makes me super-fertile and right now, I am in the first trimester of my third pregnancy. There are not enough words to explain the happiness I have now. I wish I knew about this program earlier but as the saying goes “Things happen for a reason”. I am so thrilled with my experience that I inspire others to experience for themselves the profound transformation this fertility treatment program offers.

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