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You just can’t get your bladder to co-operate, you stand and stare at the toilet, you strain every muscles but nothing comes out, despite the urge to urinate.
The Following are Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement:
Increased urination.
Pain while urinating.
Weak and interrupted urine stream.
Inability to empty the bladder during urination.
Difficulty in starting urination.
Dribbling after urination.
Blood in the urine
Reduced Sexual Performance
Urinary Tracts Infection
Abdominal Pain
How Soon Should You Start Treatment?

As soon as you notice it, and here’s why…

  • An untreated Prostate may cause complete blockage of the urethra.
  • Complete blockage of urethra may cause kidney damage.
  • Extended blockage of Urethra may cause Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).
  • An untreated Prostate may cause Erectile Dysfunction.
  • An untreated Prostatitis may cause Infertility.
  • Too many bacterial infection caused by Prostatitis & BPH may cause damage to the nerves/muscles in the pelvic area.
  • The longer it stays untreated the more it escalate and becomes more difficult to treat.

In the past, the only option for people with Prostate Enlargement[BPH] was surgery called Trans Urethral Resection Of The Prostate (TURP), this procedure involves “shaving” or “removing” small pieces of the enlarged prostate that block the flow of urine (see the picture above). TURP usually relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of enlarged prostate but with some few problems.

First, the prostate may enlarge again, requiring another operation. This is true for one in four men who may have to undergo a second TURP procedure in three years.

Secondly, surgery does not prolong life. Study suggests that it actually reduces a person’s lifespan by a year.

In some cases, TURP can cause impotence or complete inability to control urination. The most common side effect, however, is retrograde ejaculation, that is, the ejaculated semen enters the bladder instead of shooting out of the penis. This may impair a man’s fertility.

Above is an extreme advance case of Enlarged Prostate with a contracted urethra which can impede or block urine flow and when this happened then, surgery is require for correction
The Scary Truth About Prostate Surgery
Prostate enlargement has reached almost epidemic proportions in our modern civilization, with it being the second biggest killer of men in Africa.

When the prostate gland enlarges, it pushes against the urethra (the waterworks tube), affecting a man’s ability to urinate, and also affects his sexual performance.

Many men become totally impotent as a result and some experience the added embarrassment of incontinence (uncontrolled wetting).

The psychological effects can be devastating. The orthodox medical approach to Prostate disorders has always been prescription drugs and/or invasive surgery which are less effective not to mention the risks involved in surgery with some potentially serious side effects which are often almost as serious as the Prostate disorder itself; such as reduced sex drive, retrograde ejaculation and impotence.

An End To Enlarged Prostate

European and Asian doctors have traditionally been using natural holistic approach to cure Prostate Enlargement, with resounding success and with no side effects.

Prostate patients respond so well to these Natural Solution that over 90% of Foreign Doctors prescribe them, rather than prescription drugs. The American Botanical Council registers various natural herbal or plant extracts as a treatment for Prostate Enlargement and these ingredients and many others are now made available as Prostate remedies and numerous clinical trials re-enforce their effectiveness.

One of such is Our Natural Prostate Wellness Pack. It has a unique formula which contains over 40 years of research into natural Prostate disorder treatments.

It’s formulation of 240 Nature best active ingredients, has made it, the most comprehensive and successful Prostate solution ever developed; Giving better, lasting and faster results for more men than any other treatment just like it did for Mr. Wallington.

When the bladder does not empty completely, you become at risk for developing. Other serious problems can also develop over time, including bladder stones, and acute urinary retention (an inability to urinate). A sudden and complete inability to urinate is a medical emergency; you should see your doctor immediately. In rare cases, bladder and/or damage can develop from BPH.

“A Potent Natural Solution”

I’m going to show you a proven and 100% natural remedy for ENLARGED PROSTATE, which will allow you to…

  • Say goodbye to prostate enlargement problem for good.

  • Boost your Bed Performance and Erection

  • Get rid of painful and Frequent Urination

  • End the pain and embarrassment of difficulty starting urination

  • End frequent urge to urinate

  • Say goodbye to difficulty fully emptying your bladder  

  • End straining to urinate

  • End Urinary Tracts Infection
  • Prevent prostate Cancer

Imagine – getting this natural solution right now…

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“What To Expect From This Solution”

*You will never have to complain about enlarged prostate again.

*You will say bye bye to other prostate related complications

*You will end frequent urination.

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*You will live a healthy life without diseases, thus prolonging your life.

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Now, Here Comes the “Natural Solution” to Your Enlarged Prostate



To Help You Correct Your Enlarged Prostate, Stop Frequent Urination, Tackle Prostatitis And Increase Libido In Men

This natural therapy offers a 100% safe and powerful treatment for correcting Enlarged Prostate.

What Does This Pack Contains?

 Contains A Detoxifier and Strong Anti inflammatory, Cleanses the entire system off toxins and free radicals.

 Supplies nutrients needed for Prostate health such as selenium, lycopene, Vit E.

It also help repair damage prostate cell and as well preventing Cancer.

 It Supplies Selenium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E which is vital for the prostate gland.

It helps regenerate the prostate cells.

It will totally stop frequent urination.

You will have stronger penis erection during sexual intercourse

Correct Your Enlarged Prostate For Good!

This therapy will also detoxify you, revive your sex life and improve your overall health. So not only will you correct your enlarged prostate, you will be free from erectile dysfunction.

Using this natural Solution, you will notice drastic changes in your prostate/urinary gland and not too long into the therapy, you will literally be free from the worry and pain of battling with Enlarged Prostate.These Products has no side effect.

Internationally Certified And ZAMRA Approved



1,000 ZMW

 The Recommended Dosage for Complete Treatment is Full Pack

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does this really work?.

Answer: I know there are many inferior products out there, you probably might be a victim. I would feel terrible about selling something that didn’t deliver on it promises. My conscience wouldn’t let me live with that which is why I have the guarantee and you will be more than satisfied. I want you to be as confident as possible in your purchase

Q. How fast will I get results?

Answer: A large number of people get result within 7-14 days of usage while others in few days.

Q. What is the side effect of this Solution?

Answer: These supplements are made from pure natural extracts and they do not have any side effects whatsoever. It comes with a well stated prescription to achieve desired results in the shortest time.

Q. Do i have to keep using this supplements always?

Answer: You do not have to keep buying the drug for men pack month after month from our experience, the complete treatment pack supply is usually enough and most people begin to get amazing sexual result within result within a few days of using the pack.

Q. What is the dosage/ how do i use this solution

Answer: The prescription is written on the packs

Q. Can i start having sex immediately as soon as i start using this supplements?

Answer: Yes, We advice you stay with your partner while taking this herbal medicine

Q. Do i have to make payment before delivery?

Answer: No, we offer payment on delivery within Lusaka, but if you are outside Lusaka, you will need to send your payment before we can send product to you

Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your results using PROSTATE SOLUTION, simply Text +2348136416937, within the first 60 days from your purchase, and we will give you a prompt and immediate refund.